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If children are our future, how are we preparing them to meet this future?

Studies show the U.S. educational system is falling further behind other countries;

The ever-increasing use of technology is causing "unprecedented distraction;"

Technological gadgets are creating an "addiction to self-gratification" that makes it difficult for children to learn how to “stick with” tasks that take a while to learn, not to mention delays in motor skills, the inability to calm themselves, and other emerging developmental delays.

How do we get our nation's children back on the path to well-rounded, inner-directed, self-sufficient independence?


How Can We Improve Education for our Nation’s Children?

The First Five Years are Critical in Shaping Who a Child Will Become.

Most families today need two incomes to sustain their household, which translates into fewer available hours at home. Parents must find trusted partner(s) to assist in their child's development, such as a daycare or preschool.

Yet in light of the studies cited at left, and the critical importance of education during the first five years of a child’s life, it's clear our nation's standard educational approach isn't meeting the needs of our children.

Rather than becoming discouraged, we have identified a practical, realistic educational approach which, if applied during the first five years of a child's life, can have a profound impact on the future of our children.

Research has shown that when specific Foundational Life Skills are taught during a child’s most pivotal years—from birth to age five—something dramatically different occurs.

Children who have learned basic life skills during this critical stage are more grounded, self-directed, empathetic, and able to cope with the challenges that future years bring into their lives.

This is our goal at both Growing Footprints Daycare and Empowered Kids Preschool. We believe it's time to take a very different approach to early education, if we are going to reverse the current trends and begin building a stronger future for our kids, our communities, and the world at large.

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