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Changing the world, one empowered kid at a time.

Laura Marie’s dream began in late 2010: after homeschooling her two young daughters for several years, she decided to open a daycare to offer the same personal level of care, interaction and education to a small network of friends and family.

When she wasn't involved with her children, Laura's drive for being the best possible teacher to her daughters and daycare kids had her studied early childhood education during every spare moment—tracking down the latest instructional approaches, novel homeschooling techniques, and specific activities that promoted well-rounded character development and confidence. Word of mouth grew, and her daycare began to expand rapidly.

The pivotal moment came when she discovered Foundational Life Skills, and the concept of integrating them into early childhood education.

From that moment on, Laura Marie began researching everything she could find about the topic—articles, websites, TED talks, and books, even contacting research institutions such as the Barnard Center for Toddler Development and the National Institute for Early Education Research to obtain the latest information and instructional advice—all the while incorporating more and more Foundational Life Skills into her daycare program.

Within a very short period of time, Laura Marie noticed a dramatic difference in her kids: they were becoming more calm, self-directed, and engaged. The "energy" of the daycare was shifting as children learned more positive, proactive behavior patterns with each other, and showed more interest and engagement in their lessons and activities. Parents began making comments about the positive differences they were noticing in their child at home.

"It was like a light bulb went off. If I could make this much difference in the lives of my daughters and daycare kids, just imagine what integrating Foundational Life Skills into preschool education could do on a regional and national level?"

That's when the idea for Empowered Kids Preschool was born.

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Meet our Founder, Laura Marie Peters


Laura Marie Peters founded both Growing Footprints Daycare and Empowered Kids Preschool based on her firm belief in setting a goal and changing the world, one empowered kid at a time. Her daughters Anna Marie and Emily (shown at right), who assist in the school on a regular basis, remain two of her best (and most beloved) examples of the value of teaching Foundational Life Skills at an early age.

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