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Teaching confidence and self-sufficiency at the most pivotal stages of a child's life


The United States has labeled the current generation as “entitled.” Technology’s inherent addiction to instant gratification does not set your child on the path to independence. Our curriculum is designed to develop confident, self-sufficient humans who are every bit as educated, but have learned to participate more fully in all aspects of life.

Our trained staff work on many levels to provide a sound education along with the necessary foundational life skills that foster mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

The first five years are critical

in shaping who your child

will become.


Growing Character + Minds


Rethinking Education: our Foundational Life Skills Curriculum

In addition to a solid education in language, math, science and the arts for our preschool-aged children, we provide the following specific Foundational Life Skills, tailored to the age and experience level of each child:

•  Confidence in public speaking

•  Money management

•  Finding drive and motivation

•  Building work ethics through tasks

•  Cooking and nutrition basics

•  Exploring and identifying goals

•  Reasoning and problem solving

•  Caretaking: elders, disabled, animals

•  Environmental mindfulness

•  Patterns of respect


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