Seattle’s Premier Foundational Life Skills Daycare & Preschool

Teaching confidence and self-sufficiency at the most pivotal stages of a child's life


There are countless fantastic daycare and preschool facilities in the Seattle area. What sets us apart? A dramatically different purpose:

Every foundational character trait was learned during the first five years of life. This principal is the CORE of our preschool. We are not only a learning center, we are a cultural awareness center, a bi-lingual center, a gardening, art, and science center—plus so much more.

We’re hoping to create a

self-sufficient generation that wants to make a difference in the world.


A dramatically different purpose yields a dramatically different result.


Making a Difference: at home, at work, in the community

Our unique combination of educational basics backed by Foundational Life Skills provides a lifetime of benefits that are critical during childhood, including:

•  Enhanced curiosity, reasoning, and attentiveness

•  Better confidence and self-esteem: knowing their place and purpose in the world

  1. Cooperative work ethic rooted in authenticity, integrity, and motivation

•  Mindful awareness for decreased “entitlement” behavior

•  Self-aware, self-determined, self-sufficient humans-in-the-making


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