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Teaching confidence and self-sufficiency at the most pivotal stages of a child's life


For the past four years, we've been operating Growing Footprints Daycare in Seattle, Washington with the goal of proving the Foundational Life Skills concept. Our program includes not only the basics of language, reading, math, science and the arts, but specific Life Skills, such as teaching children how to reason, how to solve problems, how to explore and identify goals, how to speak in public… along with the values of empathy, task/work ethics, social and environmental mindfulness… plus simple introductory basics in food preparation, money management, cleanliness and more.

We work with each child to help them grow into self-determined, self-sufficient humans.


We’ve witnessed the positive benefits first-hand.

A dramatically different purpose yields a dramatically different result.

By observing the children in our “proof-of-concept” Growing Footprints Daycare, we’ve watched them approach life differently:  from more positive behavior patterns and interactions with fellow students, to improved motor skills, and greater self-reliance. We’ve made note of the increasingly positive comments from their parents about the differences they're seeing at home—all underscoring the research and value of integrating Foundational Life Skills.

Although this concept isn’t new, few daycare facilities or preschools have taken the extra step to include it in their daily curriculum. We believe our nation’s children deserve this level of integration, which is why we've expanded our original Growing Footprints Daycare to the next level: founding the first Empowered Kids Preschool here in Seattle.

We’re so confident that our daycare and preschools will make a difference at home, in the community, and around our nation, that we're not going to stop with just one: we envision a national network of Empowered Kids Preschools—beginning in the Pacific Northwest, expanding down the west coast, and eventually rolling out across the nation with certification programs and more.

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